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ziwei gong

Beijing, visual artist

ziwei gong art - the platform



music time - ziwei gong - the platform

Ziwei Gong (°19XX, Changde, CH) studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Aiming to transform reality into fictional languages, Ziwei uses her work to create spaces where fiction and reality meet and blend with each other. Inspired by the quarantine experience, she started to make large collages using fabric, clothes, bedsheets, gauze and other soft materials, which lead to a comfortable and domestic feeling. Gong imagines what people would do in an isolated indoor space. By placing cutout figures and objects on fabric, these pieces explore how people do things and kill time by interacting with objects and how people engage themselves with different spaces.

2022 - COOKING EGGS, group exhibition, Breach, Miami, USA

2022 – the coast, /THE PLATFORM, Knokke-heist, Belgium

2021 – strange fairy tales, Artime Art Center, Kunming, China

2021 – Zetter Hotel, Londen, UK

2021 - /the platform.2, group exhibition /THE PLATFORM, Antwerp, Belgium

2021 – Slade Summer School, Slade school of fine arts, London, UK

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