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ethel coppieters

Brussels, painter

portrait Ethel Coppieters.jpeg


Ethel Coppieters, Those who talk 2, 200x180, acrylic on cotton.jpg

Ethel Coppieters was born in Brussels in 1996. She studied at ERG for 5 years, graduating in 2021 with a master’s degree in painting.

Coppieters paints portraits of women full of contradictory evocations and mixed feelings. Inspired by the women of her generation and her everyday life, she tends to create dreamlike scenes. The figures she creates are nourished by classical feminine references as well as contemporary narrative elements.

These timeless canvases speak of the intimate and the universal, in portraits of women whose proportions are deconstructed and freed from the familiar injunctions of beauty.

Ethel Coppieters' work is marked by her parallel practice of murals and graffiti. Known by her stage name Soaz, her work revolves around the representation of women in portraits and compositions that blend bodies and faces. The confrontation of shapes and colours is part of her artistic exploration. She creates a new imagination in public spaces by imposing the existence of her frescoes.


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