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Luxembourg, painter

marilou dejans

marilou dejans - portret
azul - marilou dejans


Marilou Dejans (°1997, Luxembourg, LU) is a Belgian artist who is currently working and living in Brussels. She earned her degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in Painting at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 2019, and later completed her studies in the Education of Visual Arts at LUCA, School of Arts in Brussels in 2022. Since then, she has been working in the field of visual arts, theater and explored her practice more in residences like the Frans Masereel Center of Contemporary Art. In 2022 and 2023, she undertook an internship in Granada, delving into the style and techniques of the Artisan Nazari period.

Marilou's work is both abstract and representational, containing figurative elements, schematic forms and collage with textile that she brings together in a sparkling and versatile practice. Mixing colour surfaces with impressions of human presence, she constructs a painting that depicts the inconvenience and absurdity about connections we forge with the other and ourselves.

The works presented in the exhibition "Moodlight" delve into the unpredictable, imaginative, and impressionistic aspects of both human connections and the natural world.


2023: ‘They Shouted Colours’ Solo Exhibition, Espacio La Raíz: Granada, ESP

2022: ‘Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Apocalypse’ Group Exhibition, La Vallée: Brussels, BE

2021: ‘Winter expo’ Exhibition with Wouter Hoste & Harvey Bouterse, Ceramic Atelier Perignem: Beernem, BE

2021: ‘KONVOOI’ Multidisciplinary Arts Festival, The Entrepot in the port of Bruges, BE

2021: ‘Below the horizon’ Group Exhibition, Kustlaan 113: Knokke, BE

2021: ‘Habitat Festival’ Multidisciplinary arts festival: Leuven, BE

2020: ‘Art Feeds’ Group Exhibition, The Wunderwall: Antwerp, BE

2020: ‘Een Blik Achter De Muur’ Summer Exhibition, De blikfabriek: Hoboken, BE

2020: ‘MEAT ME’ Group Exhibition, De Vleeshaak, Archipel: Antwerp, BE

2020: ‘Hier hebben we veel tijd in gestoken’ Group Exhibition, Troebel Neyntje, 252 cc Castle Hof De Bist: Ekeren, BE

2019: ‘To Be’ Stein & Cedric Moermans Antiques: Antwerp, BE

2019: ‘Thank You Come Again’ Group Exhibition, Hopland 14: Antwerp, BE

2018: ‘LABO Arts festival’ Group Exhibition by the experimental art platform LABO Leuven, BE

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