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Antwerp, sculptor

arthur van de velde

Portret Arthur  (1 van 1).jpg
Drinking trough, 2022, 120cm x 50cm x 40cm, Iron, glass, spark plugs, motor oil, 2000e.jpg


Arthur Van de Velde's (°1998, Antwerp, BE) work is largely influenced by the conditions he's able to work in. The studio and the artwork are in constant dialogue with each other.  Since the sculptor (who also recently started painting) will soon have to leave his studio, he is currently building a log cabin as a possible future studio. Arthur Van de Velde is working towards being as self-sufficient and independent as possible as an artist. This artist's studio, through his work, always comes with him to the exhibition space. His work exudes pure craft and takes a different perspective on objects that could otherwise be described as banal. The sculptures are always familiar and accessible in theme. Self-crafted wooden and iron boats, pigeon decks and trailers, for instance, are part of his artistic practice.

Arthur received his Master's from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.


2022 – Storm & Drang, Arttelex, Oude Beurs, Antwerp, Belgium

2022 – The Coast, /THE PLATFORM, Knokke-heist, Belgium

2022 – Dystopolis, De Bijl, Zoersel, Belgium

2022 – Pandemic Manifesto, Arttelex, Oude beurs, Antwerp, Belgium

2022 – sur un parquet bien cié, Martin Van Blerck Galerie, Antwerp, Belgium

2022 – Larey G’s Living Room Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2022 – PLUSSING, kunstenplatform WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2021 - The Platform .3 reorganising reality, /THE PLATFORM, Antwerp, Belgium

2021 - FAAR /Deurne, Belgium

2021 - Wintersalon /De Bijl, Zoersel, Belgium

2021 - To be Antwerp /Vroeyr, Antwerp, Belgium

2020 - Zebrastraat /Ghent, Belgium

2020 - Maybe it's finished, royal academy of fine arts, Antwerp, Belgium

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