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De Standaard - 2024

Interview with Samuel Lemba

By Josephine Dapaah

Cover image: Fred Debrock


Plinth - 2023

Interview with Pippa El-Kadhi Brown

By Eloise Hendy

Cover image: Pippa El-Kadhi Brown, Coyote

Het Laatste Nieuws - 2023

Interview with Louise Buys & Aline Kraus 

the story of /THE PLATFORM


Gazet Van Antwerpen - 2023

"Not to miss" during Antwerp Art Weekend 2023

Exhibition 'Two Floors and A Door' by Arthur Van de Velde and Alexandra Puşcaş

Marie Claire Belgique - 2022

interview with Louise Buys

"Woman to watch"

ATV - 2022

interview with Arthur Van de Velde about his departure to the group exhibition "/THE PLATFORM at the coast", transporting a sculpture with his self-crafted wooden boat

Sabato - 2022

interview with Louise Buys 

"Launch pad for the next generation"

Artwork included in article: Lawrence Perry

ATV - 2021

interview with Ukranian artist Maria Vashchuk about her exhibition at /THE PLATFORM

Gazet Van Antwerpen - 2021

opening of /THE PLATFORM 

Kopie van HLN_11 sep_2021.png
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