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daan peeters

Antwerp, sculptor

Daan Peeters Portrait


Daan Peeters

Daan Peeters (°1999, Antwerpen, BE) is an artist that combines sculpture, research, and writing. Fascinated by the nature of narratives and how they have been told over time, he delves into how objects can detach from their original contexts, adapt to a new framework, and potentially have their structures disrupted. Objects are often placed into clear linguistic categories, which makes their inherent authority decrease when they clash with opposing ideas. The diverse characteristics of these (art) objects turn them into complex entities that Daan Peeters aims to understand in his work. This approach reflects his personal narrative, just as a body is intricately linked to a network of relationships and never exists in isolation.


Daan, raised by a mother adopted from India, carrying his father's surname, and growing up in a predominantly white community, struggles with conflicting notions of his identity and role in society. His fascination with visual anthropology and objects serves as a means to better understand the world and his surroundings. This journey of exploration, both visually and in terms of identity, offers Daan a chance to broaden his methods and challenge established narratives and tales.


For his exhibition at /THE PLATFORM, Daan Peeters explores the intersection of personal history, imagination, and hidden narratives. The artworks on display that may appear as architectural scale models present an image of a swamp, a vivid recollection passed down by the artist’s mother from her native India, the sole connection she has to her homeland. The exhibition delves into the duality of the seen and the unseen, much like the depths of a swamp. It uncovers obscured histories and untapped creativity waiting to be discovered, reflecting the untold stories and forgotten dreams that lie beneath the surface.


2023 - Future in a Fossil, group exhibition, Medusa off-space, Brussels
2023 - Full of Whispers, solo exhibition, Ballroomgallery, Brussels
2023 - SNOBS, FAAR senenography, BOS Antwerp
2023 - Balroomproject, Borgerhub Antwerp art, Borgerhout
2023 - Faar and beyond, group exhibition, Faar Antwerp
2023 - Swap Barcelona, group exhibition, Ballroomgallery, Barcelona
2022 - Ponti Ponti Ponti, group exhibition, Ponti Gallery Antwerp
2022 - Menu 96, group exhibition, Antwerp
2022 - Graduation show KASKA, Antwerp
2022 - Ticket To The Future, group exhibition, Omstand, Arnhem 
2022 - Know Thyself, group exhibition, Ponti, Antwerp
2022 - Under My Bed and By The Fire, solo exhibition, DKO Hoboken
2021 - Wunder office, group exhibition, Medusa off-space, Brussels
2021 - Miniheim, group exhibition, Forbidden City off-space, Antwerp
2021 - Below The Horizon, group exhibition, Knokke
2021 - FAAR opening show, Deurne
2021 - Demons Always Ask Nicely, Blikfabriek, Hoboken 
2020 - Caveman Policies, group exhibition, Factor 44, Borgerhout
2020 - In our face, group exhibition, Antwerp

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