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lawrence perry

London, painter


lawrence perry


sam and corbin - lawrence perry

Lawrence Perry (b.1999, Singapore) lives and works in London after receiving a BFA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2021. This September, Perry will have his second solo show with /THE PLATFORM in Antwerp. Lawrence first came to the public eye in 2016 when his work as an in-house artist for an anti-Brexit lobbyist group was picked up by British GQ. He has gone on to have solo shows including "Merely A Dream” in Covent Garden and “Don’t Tell The Boys” in Antwerp, amongst various other group shows in London and Belgium. The artist has been noted by Hunger magazine as “one of the most promising artists of the moment” with his work since featuring in Alessandro Michele’s campaign for Gucci, “Gucci, The Ritual”. Lawrence is establishing himself as part of the next generation of British artists, having been mentored by the late great artist, Duggie Fields.

In his paintings, Perry explores narrative, persona and the human psyche by enacting dramatizations within imagined spaces. Whilst exploring the painterly qualities of the medium, as well as an execution of colour theory, the artist treats his canvases and compositions as theatrical spaces. Perry strives to give form to theory, with each painting resembling a studious approach to understanding the human condition.The artist crafts these interrogations within confined spaces often characterised by their physically surreal qualities. This adoption of the surreal allows Perry to discard any pre-existing understandings of time and space and instead dictate his painterly theatrics solely on emotion and theory. ‘The shadow’ is a constant theme within Perry’s practice, often used to manifest a psychological characterisation. These opaque projections occupy space in a way that renders the human trail ‘unavoidable’. Reminiscent of ‘still’s’ from stop-motion cinema, these paintings tackle the static traits of a single moment in time. By injecting flickers of narrative, the artist creates a suspense that urges the viewer to fabricate a past or future for each depiction of the present.  As Perry continues to build his fictional world; characters, patterns and motifs become recognisable figments of this ever-unfolding exploration.

2022 - Don’t tell the boys, solo exhibition, /THE PLATFORM, Antwerp, BE

2021 - Acrylics, solo exhibition, Ducie Street Warehouse, Manchester, UK

2021 - Slade summer degree show, Slade school of fine arts, Londen, UK

2021 - Together, group exhibition, Square Gallery, Battersea, London, UK

2020 - The Shadows We Follow, solo exhibition, Homerton, London, UK

2019 - Merely a Dreamn solo exhibition, Covent Garden, London, UK

2017 – in-house artist, Solo Show for ‘Best for Britain’, an anti-Brexit lobby group, UK

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