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Brussels, painter

bieke buckinx

bieke buckinx



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Bieke Buckinx (°1988, Brussels, BE) is living and working in Brussels. With an educational background in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in Anderlecht, Bieke creates contemporary and figurative paintings that are mainly focused on daily life, finding beauty in the banal. Her works bring about a certain irony or humor, aiming to emphasize the less serious side of life. That is precisely what Bieke wants to surround her audience with: an image that can arouse emotion, recognition, and above all lightheartedness. It is important for her to truly connect with a broad spectrum of art lovers, artists and curators alike. 

2022 - shilly-shally sandwich, Urvanity Art, Madrid

2022 - srirachart series of 15, Mok, Brussels, Belgium

2022 - Pizza for breakfast, Indian Dribble, Brussels, Belgium

2022 - Ruby & (more) Friends group show/ RUBY Gallery @allabouttg1ngs Brussels, , Belgium

2022 - stadsgardeville edition 4, don’t buy me, Edmond, Brussels, Belgium

2021 - vas-y, n°1-7, rempart, 44, Brussels, Belgium

2021 - vas-y, Galerijke Marijke, Antwerp, Belgium

2021 - The platform, /THE PLATFORM, Antwerp, Belgium

2021 - selection of 4 works, carousel, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

2021 - That’s just great! & Bal Masqué series, Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid

2021 – 6, RUBY Gallery @allaboutth1ngs, Brussels, Belgium

2021 - Bal Masqué, RUBY Gallery @allaboutth1ngs, Brussels, Belgium

2021 - #nocarbs series of 10, FIRMA, Brussels

2020 - Wedding Season + etalage, A Suivre, Brussels

2020 - Slow Days, Resto Henri, Brussels, Belgium

2019 – Stories, GRUUN, Brussels, Belgium

2019 - #nocarbs: four part art installation, Encore, Brussels, Belgium

2019 - seven paintings from collection ‘RAL2018BXL’ , MOK, Leuven, Belgium

2019 - The Painter And The Photographer from collection ‘VIP club’ /MOK, Brussels, Belgium

2019 - The Painter And The Photographer from collection ‘VIP club’ + collection ‘RAL

2019 - BXL’ /secretdinners, Antwerp, Belgium

2019 - six paintings from collection ‘One Painting At A Time', Resto Henri, Brussels, Belgium

2018 - Stadsgardeville edition 3, collection ‘RAL2018BXL’ , Atelier Coppens, Brussels, Belgium

2017 - Dreams & Creams, collection 'You May Say I'm A Dreamer', Léon 16, Brussels, Belgium

2017 - Stadsgardeville edition 2, collection 'One Painting At A Time', BOB361 Architects, Anderlecht, Belgium

2016 - Stadsgardeville edition 1, collection 'Les Kop Connus', 4041 space, Ravensteingalerij, Brussels, Belgium

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