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jan tromp

°The Netherlands, painter

Portrait Jan Tromp
Residu I, 2022_Acrylic and latex on MDF 100x150cm.JPG


Jan Tromp (b. 1995, NL) is a Dutch artist who earned his fine arts degree at HKU in Utrecht and completed his master's in painting at the Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2023. Inspired by unintentional traces in daily life, Jan's work spans photography, collages, cut-out paintings, and music. His art reflects a keen observation of the ordinary, distilling it into evocative visual narratives. The artist applies a dynamic approach and ability to capture the extraordinary in the mundane. 


group exhibitions



Opportunities for Lost Chances, Ballroom Gallery, Brussels

The Unchained Part I&II, Arttelex, Antwerp

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, Red Herring Salon, Antwerp

Nothing for Something, Gallery Ellipsis, Amsterdam

Kunst & Onderwijs, Fabriek Noord, Antwerp

Wassalon, Antwerp

Masters Expo, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp


2022 The Bachelors Party, Bachelor painting exhibition, Antwerp

Storm & Drang, Arttelex, Antwerp

2021 Kunst Kan-tine, Kunst Kan, Amsterdam

2020 A0 Expo, Poster-exhibition, Utrecht

 Tentoonstelling DePlaatsmaker, Utrecht

2018 Achterlicht, part of ‘Parklicht’, Amsterdam

2016 Graduation show, HKU Tractieweg, Utrecht


Vrijblijvend Sanitair, Tractieweg 41, Utrecht

Performance (in collaboration with Hilke Walraven)

2022 Finissage ‘van bezemsteel tot zuil gepromoveerd,’ 37PK, Haarlem

2020 Finissage ‘Dichtbij’ De Vishal, Haarlem

2017 Vernissage ‘Een omlijnde dansgeviering’ Zoete Broodjes, Amsterdam

2016 Destillaat #18, Extrapool, Nijmegen

other activities

2023 Winner Marianne van Vyve Prize

2021 Publication for ‘de Reeks’

Winner starters Priza, Royal Academy Antwerp

2017 - 2018 Co-founder of artist collective ‘Dappie’, curating and organizing

2016 Nominated for Jan Zumbrink award, HKU

2016 - Present Solo music-project ‘burger service’

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