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mission statement

/THE PLATFORM is a launch pad for young up-and-coming talent in the arts. We are there to be their trusted partner and grow together in order to enrich our Belgian cultural landscape.

Knowing the importance of encouraging artists in their young lives, we strive to create a supportive environment where they can further develop their artistic talents. Low barrier and professional.

In this sense, /THE PLATFORM provides an essential space for both local and international emerging artists.

The gallery is led by two young women. Louise Buys, the director, combines commercial insight with roots from an art loving family. And Aline Kraus, the gallery manager, herself an artist by education and with a background in the art sector, her partner in crime. Having diverse personalities, they share a common vision and form the heart of /THE PLATFORM.

/THE PLATFORM profits from twenty two years of VCRB Gallery’s (located on the ground floor in the same building) experience and contacts, but is separate from its space, identity and role in culture. If there’s one thing that defines /THE PLATFORM, it’s that it can’t be put into a box. It’s not merely a commercial art gallery, nor solely an initiative to support young artists.

It’s the ultimate combination of both.

To achieve our goals, /THE PLATFORM defines three main activities: exhibit, exchange, support.

Moving forward, /THE PLATFORM is committed to remain a positive challenger to the benefit of young artists, art enthousiasts, and the wider art community.

start at 100


The gallery not only encourages emerging artists but also welcomes new collectors. For this, /THE PLATFORM offers flexible payment such as the possibility to purchase art via leasing or spread payment; allowing to start collecting as from EUR 100/month.


Want to know more about leasing or spread payment? We are happy to help! Come by the gallery or send an email to

the team

Louise Buys


Aline Kraus


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