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noa verborgh

Antwerp, painter

noa verborgh


this smells - noa verborgh

Noa Verborgh (°1997, Antwerp, BE) studied at LUCA school of arts in Ghent. As a child of the internet, Noa is inspired by social media. From memes to celebs, the world wide web is an inexhaustible source of heartiness. She uses popular symbolism to translate the small dilemmas that fill our lives onto the canvas. The over-relativity that arises here makes room for entertainment and fun. The fascination for the power that the written word exerts on images turns her studio into a playing field filled with acrylic, canvas and wood.

In the series Heaven or Hell, Noa explores the rhetorical question of whether she will enter heaven or hell when she dies. Reflecting on her daily life, she is quite sure in medieval terms that she would burn at the stake as a witch. In the works, you can see a symbolic translation of thoughts and moments that are dominated by the good and the bad that mark her life. With a slight compulsion to follow the path of life without fail, it is tempting at times to tear oneself away from it; straight into the crash barrier. In the end, perfection is just a mistake.

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